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Team Volt – Karen: 

“I first introduced Barry to the brand a few months back, after reading the info, loving the idea of ‘be the example’ It’s a very similar ethos to our own brand and moto #makeithappen.

So when my #01 t-shirt arrived I was excited, I love ‘new stuff’, especially ‘new pink stuff’ however I get hot when running so I’m usually a crop top wearer…………….until now!

I wore it first at Brimham rocks on a sunny day in August, a mixed terrain run, very hilly (putting it through its paces!) It was fab, it’s snug fit and soft material, with no irritating label to cut resulted in no chafing, it washed really well and I’ve worn it numerous times since.

It will be also worn with pride on the Maspalomas hills next year, so I don’t have sticky sun cream all over my torso.

#01 well done, you have converted this crop top wearer!”

Team Volt – Barry:
” Ok, so I will be totally open with you. When it comes to selecting my kit, let’s just say that I can be a ‘bit’ fussy. I know what I like and I like what I know. I’m not the easiest to please and so when I was asked by the team at Hashtag01 (www.hashtag01.com) to test out one of their t-shirts I was not sure what to expect. 
I had been introduced to Hashtag01 by a fellow teamvolt athlete, Karen, who had talked about the company ethos (www.hashtag01.com/about-us) and how it carried a lot of similarities to what we are looking to achieve at teamvolt. Due to this, I have been keen to watch the company develop over its first 12 months. 
Well, I am delighted to say that after putting my top through its paces it has not disappointed at all. In fact, it has been great. Whilst many of us would be hoping to be enjoying the sun at its best during July and August we have certainly experienced both extremes. In the heat, I have found the top to keep the body cool enough to maintain its comfort, and when the rain has been out in force recently, it has held up really well and not lost its shape or been uncomfortable at all. The sizing has been spot on as well. 
The range of apparel is no doubt going to expand and I am looking forward to adding some new items to my selection over the coming months. 
Hashtag01 are definitely a company to follow, not just because of the brilliant quality kit, but also because of what they are bringing to sport and exercise. Check them out at www.hashtag01.com and don’t forget …. #betheexample.”
Until next time…..#makeithappen

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