Is running a team sport??


I have been asked to write a blog for my good friends who have started their own running set up. My first response was ‘you must be desperate for bloggers if you’re already asking me!’ I have learned a lot from running but thing I have learnt the most is sometimes you just have so say ‘go for it!’

A lot of people ask why I run. My first response is normally ‘as I like wine and cake……. lots of Wine!’ But nothing beats getting up early and out the door and hitting the road. There is something great about getting out and running. Sometimes I set an early alarm. Go for a run around the local pond. If you time it correct you can get the lake to yourself. Go any time during the day or weekend and you have to share it with every dog walker and Jet Ski owner in town so it’s so good to get the whole pond to myself and take in views and the steelworks.


My question would be is running a team sport or is it solo effort. It may seem obvious that you have to get out and lace your shoes up and get the miles in. I think running is massively a team sport even though you get out and run many lonely miles. You need to have a big support network around you. The friends close family can be the biggest support that you need. To allow getting out and enjoying running you do need that great support network that will be there and come the finish line you use that support to help you. I never finish a race without looking for the family on the finish shoot and it always helps with the final push.


“……The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team. “John Wooden

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