It’s time to admit it…….I’m injured !


“What was that? A bit of cramp? Slight strain? I am sure it is nothing and I will be fine in the morning.” – that was what I was trying to convince myself last Friday night after finishing my race. The only problem was that night I couldn’t sleep due to the pain reverberating around my leg plus the fact that when I tried to get out of bed on Saturday morning I couldn’t bend my leg! Oh, this isn’t good, yet still, I tried to convince myself otherwise. 

Trying to cover up the (clear) limp, people were asking me if I was alright. “I’m fine” I’d say, “Just a slight strain. Will be back out tomorrow no problem.” A clear case of positive self-talk!

After Saturday passed & Sunday was changed to a ‘rest day’, Monday was soon here. Shall I run? How about a swim? Neither appealed in the end in case I did some further damage and so I decided the best course would be to leave it until Tuesday and then head out for a steady 5 miles at lunchtime. I couldn’t wait.

Trainers on, earplugs in, I headed out…….”ouch!” (not quite the actual word used by the way). I had got 20 yards and the pain was ridiculous. “It will ease off,” I thought. A couple of ‘hello’s’ to neighbours as I tried to carry on but another 50 yards out and this wasn’t going away. My form was all out and I was running like I would do in the final mile of a marathon after hitting the wall! Surely not. It couldn’t be. Was I genuinely injured???! A dejected walk back home after only 2 minutes followed. 

A few hours sulking (ridiculous, I know! What am I, 6 years old???! ) and I got to thinking. Could I have prevented it? Looking back, I did a pretty intense warm up but then loitered about for around 45 minutes before a brief further warm up prior to my first race of the evening. Possible lessons definitely learnt, and a damaged hamstring as a testament to it. 

Yes, I am genuinely gutted that I am going to have a few weeks recovery before I am ‘racing’ again but it does give me an opportunity to review the last couple of years since my last injury as well as focusing on some other areas of my fitness such as nutrition, strength & conditioning. Possibly a good time to introduce some additional cross training? 
Whilst injuries are always a setback I do believe that they are an opportunity to learn as well as forcing your body into a period of rest that it might otherwise not get. With lots of goals set for the upcoming months, I am confident that I will return in better shape and with a strong focus to achieve those aims. For now, it’s time to rest up and relax. 

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