Vitality Move – Chatsworth House (Sunday 9th July)

It may seem that it has been a little bit quiet over here at ‘Team Volt Towers’ but the opposite is true. With so much going on it has proved a little bit difficult to get on top of things but we are certainly heading in the right direction…… #makeithappen!
So, what have we been up to? Well, apart from a couple of small group runs in the local area, Team Volt was out at last weekend’s inaugural ‘Jessica Ennis-Hill Running Festival’ with Vitality Move ( at Chatsworth House. As venues go, they do not get much better, plus the weather was gorgeous! 
A couple of Team Volt athletes were approached by TomTom Sports ( to join #teamtomtom as pacers for the day. They had assembled a great group to help the runners and our role, whilst with a time in mind, was certainly more focussed on encouraging runners around the 10k races and keeping them motivated throughout than the usual spot-on mile splits
The day was mainly aimed at families with 4 ‘Music Mile’ events taking place and DJ Trevor Nelson supplying the tunes plus lots of other activities and entertainment laid on. There were two 10k runs (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and also a 5k. Some people were running one race, whilst some (including Team Volt friend Mark Askew) ran them all! That was some going, especially if you could see the first 2km’s of the 10km route which was all uphill! The ‘Ennis-Hill’ as it was christened, certainly has to be seen to be believed! 
Sports presenter, Radio 2 host and keen runner, Vassos Alexander was keeping the crowd entertained throughout with interviews and took part in the afternoon’s 10km event. 
We helped out as pacers in both 10k runs and even managed to nip round the ‘Battle of the Bands’ music mile. It was great to be involved in the event and fantastic to see so many families out running together as well as many people taking on their first 5k or 10k runs. 
The highlight of the day, however, had to be meeting Olympic and World Heptathlon Champion Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill and we were even fortunate to get our chance for a photo. 
The event was, without doubt, a success and we would highly recommend pre-registering for next year via the following link:  
Until next time …. #makeithappen

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  1. Ennis Hill definitely had to seen to be believed!! Wow!! Fab day 🙂

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